Colleen is no stranger to the sound of “Lights, Camera, Action!” having grown up on movie sets with her father, the acclaimed actor Don Murray. But it was from her mother Bettie Johnson, who was at the time a top model, that Colleen gained valuable knowledge that launched her own modeling career. She traveled the world as a fashion model, living and working in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and NYC. By working with some of the top photographers and advertisers, she developed an eye for fashion, photography and design.


She is now taking her experience and know-how of how to use lights, camera, and action to construct, hand manipulate, collage and photograph her own staged pieces - that she sometimes refers to as “Prop Art”. 


“My passion for investigating the properties of light and shadow originated by watching fashion photographers' use of tungsten (mono lights) in the 80’s. From this technique, I’m able to create dramatic shadows that form shapes and images of surface qualities”.


“I angle my camera like a “proscenium arch”, setting the stage for optical discoveries”.


Colleen lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


• 'Words On The Printed Page', Gallery 825 | Los Angeles, CA

Online Exhibition

[09/12/20 - 09/30/20]

• 'Non Sequitur', Gallery 825 | Los Angeles, CA

Online Exhibition

[08/29/20 - 09/12/20]

• 'LAAA Annual Benefit Auction, 2020'

[on view 08/06/20 - 08/18/20. Auction 08/18/20]

• 'Indistinct Chatter', Gallery 825 | Los Angeles, CA

Online Exhibition

[08/01/20 - 08/10/20]

• 'SECLUSION', Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) | Los Angeles, CA

Online Exhibition

[04/09/20 - 04/17/20]

• 'Penumbra', Gallery 825 | Los Angeles, CA

Opening Reception: Saturday, 02/22/20 | 6 - 9pm

[02/22/20 - 03/20/20]

• 'Intergalactic', ShockBoxx Gallery | Hermosa Beach, CA

Opening Reception: Saturday, 01/25/20 | 7 - 9pm

[01/25/20 - 02/08/20]

• 'Presto! The Art of Magic and Fantasy', The MAIN Theater Gallery | Santa Clarita, CA

[01/10/20 - 02/04/20]

•  'Size Matters', ShockBoxx Gallery | Hermosa Beach, CA 

[11/16/19 - 11/30/19]

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